Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Honestly, what's the big deal?

Alright. We're here to tell you the honest truth about the 2013 Honda Accord. Are you ready? Are are READY?

OK, here it is. The 2013 Honda Accord has surpassed our greatest expectations. Period. And that's the real truth. Honda created a real contender with this model. It has reduced road noise, an original complaint with previous models, new technology including rear-view and blind-spot cameras for changing lanes, and so many other gadgets that are just too complex to explain here. 

Our consensus? Come take a look at it. Sit in it. Drive it. 
And then let us know how it compares to other sedans in its class. We are listening.  

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

A New Year..a New Car! The 2013 Honda Accord.

2013 Honda Accord will be Revealed September 2012!

You might be saying to yourself "They look the same as the 2012 models..."
Yes, they do, but  the new Accord detailing, including the sedan’s bustle tail and bulging lamps. A  upright grille and a hood with a slight bulge on the front end to make the body nicer to look at, while the sides are slightly more sculpted. The sedan’s taillights now extend to the trunklid which makes the rear look wider and lower.

What does the New 2013 Honda Accord have:
The new Accord introduces HondaLink,
a cloud-based system that connects you to Bluetooth
Streaming Audio, Pandora internet radio,
SMS text message function

With this new technology you as a consumer will be able to personalize resturant searches. Have your Facebook feed at anytime of the day by audio, audiobooks, and audio system interface and voice recognition.

Just can not beat all the new upgrades for the 2013 Honda Accord.

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